Retailer Opportunities

A distinctive business opportunity as distinctive as the wines you enjoy

The Winexpert Authorized Retailer Program delivers the business opportunity you’ve been looking for: a perfect mix including an exciting product, an excellent market opportunity and a sound business model. Explore how becoming an independent Winexpert retailer is a smart and exciting business and lifestyle choice.

Offer award-winning wines and a wine lifestyle experience

Winexpert retailers strive to deliver a unique ‘wine lifestyle experience’ to the wine consumer. As a Winexpert retailer, you deliver this experience through your own on-premise or retail location. You offer your customers the opportunity to make award-winning wines, and depending on where you are located you would either offer an “On Premise” experience, where your customer makes wine at your on-premise winery, or “At Home” experience, where your customer purchases their winemaking kit and equipment from you.

You can extend the wine lifestyle experience by letting your customers sample varietals from around the world – featuring wines with stunning layers of flavour, aroma and complexity; by creating individual or group wine tasting events; and by giving your customers the opportunity to customize and personalize their own wines.

For Information on becoming a retailer in Canada, contact us at 1-800-263-4790. In the US, contact our distributer, L. D. Carlson at 1-800-321-0315